VEGAN Vita C-E and Ferulic Skin Lightening Serum
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VEGAN Vita C-E and Ferulic Skin Lightening Serum Liposome C (Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C) is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate in a Liposomal Delivery System (LDS). The purpose of the Liposomal Delivery System is to easily deliver  a stabilized Vitamin C in a smaller molecule which can penetrate the top, dead, layer of skin and where oxidation is no longer an issue.  Additionally, studies show that the combination of ascorbic acid and Vitamin E increased the skin's photo protective benefits by 4X the normal level, which was doubled to 8X with the addition of Ferulic Acid. This proven cosmeceutical powerhouse combination is then accentuated with our unique  Skin lightening Botanical Extracts derived from daisy blossoms (Bellis perennis), Bearberry, Skin White Herb, Green Tea, Asthaxanthin, and Licorice  providing a defense against age spots, pigmentation disorders and freckles, general skin-lightening activity, as well as, influencing biochemical pathways involved in melanin synthesis by: inhibition of tyrosinase, transcriptional control of tyrosinase expression, reduction of the pro-melanogenic mediators endothelin, and α-MSH (melanin-stimulating hormone) as well as reduction of melanosome transfer to keratinocytes.  Sodium Benzoate-Free, pH 3.4 VERY ACTIVE 1 Fluid Ounce (30ml) Airless Dispenser

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VEGAN Vita C-E and Ferulic Skin Lightening Serum

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